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Escape From The Yellow Manor

A point and click horror game created for Android.

Click here to play the game (requires Android device)

Screenshot_20210616-153511_The Yellow Ma

Team and My Responsibilities

The Yellow Manor Team consisted of two programmers, two artists, and a sound designer. I served as the sound designer and was responsible for generating all the sounds for each item and player interaction and composing all the music in the game.

Screenshot_20210616-153554_The Yellow Ma
Screenshot_20210616-153852_The Yellow Ma

Game Description

"Escape from the Yellow Manor" is a point and click adventure game for android devices. Players find themselves locked within the titular manor and must use the items at hand to solve puzzles and find a way out.


While the game was developed from start to finish as a team, the initial idea for a point and click horror game came from a single team member. He quickly became very attached to his idea of what the game should and should not be. This often was at odds with the lead programmer who was developing a large portion of the functionality and feel of the core game experience. I often had to mediate between the two sides. I encouraged group input and decision making to create a game that satisfied all team members. 

Development Environment / Tools Used

"Escape from the Yellow Manor" was created in the Unity engine. Git was used as version control. Sounds were recorded and created in Audacity and songs were composed and produced using FamiTracker.


The project team was composed of people with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. They each brought their own ideas and thought processes and it was exciting to work with all kinds of different people.

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