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Net Force

A 2D physics puzzle game based on basketball

Click here to play the game

Team and My Responsibilities

"MAH3J" Studio was comprised of two programmers, two artists, and one sound designer. I was a programmer and was responsible for asset implementation, all object physics, and the player input system.

Game Description

Net Force is a 2D physics puzzle game based on basketball. Players attempt to make shots by placing simple blocks around an obstacle course and then launching the basketball at a desired angle and force. Players receive stars for completing the level, using only a certain number of pieces, or managing to bounce the ball a certain number of times. Each level has a specific set obstacles and layout.


By the time work on Net Force began, the team had just formed and was still defining roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, I was relatively inexperienced with Unity and had to rapidly learn as I developed the game. The team utilized frequent meetings to properly share partially completed work and ideas with all members as the team continued to form. 

Development Environment / Tools Used

Net Force was developed in the Unity engine. The team used Facebook Messenger for text communication and Google Drive for file transferring and version control.



While the goal for this project was to create a "basketball game", the team decided to design an experience opposite to what is often thought of as basketball. Instead of a fast paced multiplayer game, Net Force is a methodical single player game. It rewards trial and error and gives the player the ability to easily test and repeat their shots. 

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