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A VR Bartending and drink mixing game

Click here to play the game
(requires a Steam VR compatible VR headset)

Team and My Responsibilities
The Screwdriver studio consisted of three programmers, two artists, and one sound designer. I was a programmer responsible for the dynamics for physical movement of various objects like a fruit juicer, a knife, and bottles of liquid. I was also responsible for asset importing and object re-spawning. The team jointly made decisions about game flow, constraints, and recipes.

Game Description

Screwdriver is a VR game where the player must mix and serve as many drinks as fast as possible. Players act as the brother of a newly married bride whose drink catering service cancelled at the last minute. The player must act as the bartender to save their sister's special day. The players follow recipes, use various tools and equipment, and serve drinks to customers.


The game included many objects and tools each with their own player interactions. I conducted rigorous playtesting after every change to ensure each object could be used properly. For instance, the juicer alone had so many questions under three broad categories:

  • How the fruit deforms and changes as it's being squeezed?

  • What restrictions are being forced on the player when they juice a fruit?

  • What expectations a player has when they are using the juicer?

While many of these questions could be answered in theory, they needed to be validated in reality through playtesting.

Development Environment / Tools Used

Screwdriver was made in the Unity engine and built for the Oculus Quest. We used Git for version control and Slack for team communication. We also used Google Drive for file transferring.

Creating accessible interactions given the player's range of motion was vital to the game experience. The various interactable objects were laid out in a way where each object was accessible but not intrusive to the player. We organized the implements of the bar to mimic the steps required to complete the drink recipes to ease player flow. The layout and shape of the bar was designed to encourage people not to lean on it to pick up dropped items. Beyond the layout of the bar, we also implemented a shattering effect for dropped glasses and bottles to enforce not bending down and potentially loosing your balance.

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