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A recreation of the classic game in Java.

Click here to play the game

Team and My Responsibilities

I developed Asteroids on my own. As such I was responsible for every aspect in the game, including designing, programing, and art.


Game Description
The final project for my high school course, "Introduction to Programing", was to create a game of my choice in Java. I sought to create a somewhat accurate recreation of the original game with a few edits to display my newly developing coding skills.


During the two month development, I often had to go beyond the scope of the course to make the game function properly. This included using more complex data structures than simple Java arrays, and even delving into object oriented programing. Asteroids and the player would have their own classes instead of being handled by a single overarching game script. The game exceeded 1200 lines of code across the various files.

Development Environment / Tools Used

Asteroids was made entirely in Java. Google Drive was used for version control and file transferring.


I had thought of focusing in game design in college and I was proud of developing this as my first game. I was able to show it off to my family and friends and they enjoyed playing it. I was highlighted among the class as a standout example in the final project showcase.

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