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Monster Madness

An original platforming game made in Python

Team and My Responsibilities

I developed Monster Madness on my own. As such I was responsible for every aspect in the game, including designing, programing, and art.


Game Description
Monster Madness is a 2D platforming game where the player controls a gorgon that can freeze and unfreeze enemies with their petrifying glare. While frozen enemies are incapable of harming the player and can be used as a platform to stand on, they are also immovable. This creates a unique game dynamic where enemies need to be frozen and unfrozen in order to properly progress through the levels.


Throughout the development cycle, the requirements asked of me for Monster Madness continually expanded with each iteration. I first set out to make a simple 2D platforming game similar to Mario. I was then asked to add unique gameplay features that would set it apart from other platforming games, which I successfully implemented. The final request was to add networked multiplayer and a level editor. While I was able to create the level editor, the multiplayer ultimately had to be relegated to local play only as networked play would require complete refactoring of the code, an unfeasible task within the week I was given to produce it.

Development Environment / Tools Used

Monster Madness was created in Python with the Pygame extension. Git was used as version control.


Aside from a simple 2D platforming game, Monster Madness also has a robust level editor in which players could place and create their own levels and then save them to a text document and load them later. It also has a local multiplayer mode in which two players could challenge the game together. It was an impressive feat to be able to program all of this within Python.

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