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President's Cup Final Round Experience

A confidential virtual challenge environment built for the President's Cup Cyber Security Competition


Many aspects of this project are under NDA and cannot be discussed or disclosed.

Team and My Responsibilities

I developed the President's Cup Final Round Experience for four months as part of a four person coding team working in tandem with a separate design and art team. I was responsible for creating the challenge specific puzzle elements, asset importing and implementation, and scene setup.

Game Description

The President's Cup is a national cyber security competition sponsored by CISA under the Department of Homeland Security that is held every year. During the final round, competitors are put through a series of real world scenarios to test field knowledge instead of simply being given a series of machines that needed to be cracked. Our team designed these scenarios and created the virtual environments that the competitors interacted with and explored. The experience was comprised of five distinct challenge scenarios each with its own unique mechanics. These ranged from simple key pad door locks and virtual machine connections to more complex Ethernet patch bays and server farm power controls.


The key challenge for this project was the relationship between the tech and design and art teams. Assets were continually being handed off  with little instruction and many aspects of design documents were vague or unclear in some of the most critical areas. We realized that we needed to initiate the communication with other teams to meet our team needs. I scheduled meetings with design and art to talk through the implementation of the art assets or design notes. I made sure that I was creating systems that met the designers vision when the design documents were unclear. Most importantly, through these communications I had encouraged the design team to produce complete designs including both critical details and the big picture.

Development Environment / Tools Used

The President's Cup Final Round Experience was developed in Unity using the mirror .Net plugin for networking. Jira was used for task management. Slack was used for communication and Perforce was used as version control. Zoom was used for video conferencing.


Due to the confidential nature of this project, I am unable to disclose project highlights.

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